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Vilcolab Scientific Inc , a prominent USA-based manufacturer, stands as a leader in crafting top-notch Lab Equipment and Heating Solutions. Our primary objective is to deliver products of the highest quality, designed for diverse applications in life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

At Vilcolab, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our valued customers, providing them with cutting-edge equipment and technologies. We prioritize the establishment of trustworthy business relationships with all our clients, and our proactive marketing team is always ready to address any inquiries promptly.

vilcolab equipment are highly in demand due to their features and specifications. Our products vary from Autoclave , Air Permeability Testers , Blood Bag Sealer , Biological Safety Cabinet ,Laboratory Analyzer , etc.

As an ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified company, we adhere to stringent international standards across all our products. Vilcolab takes pride in ensuring excellence in every aspect of our offerings.

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  • Cold-rolled plate welding equipped throughout the equipment

    Comes with a stainless steel working area

    It is presented with a HEPA filter

    Built with a glass sliding door, and with a UV lamp and fluorescent lamp

    The surface electrostatically sprayed

  • It has a dual LCD screen, an LCD screen that displays time and speeds separately

    The mechanism that is controlled by a DC motor control system

    Provided with various inserts and fixings

    Having a constant or countdown procedure mode

  • It is having with a Scope of supply that includes the rotor

    It can hold various sample tubes

    It is having with a Small footprint

    Very simple to operate

    Having a Step speed adjustment

  • This microcontroller intelligent digital display thermal management device comprises timing, setting, and measured temperatures

    It also demonstrated precise and dependable temperature control

    Outside the door, a quick glance at a variety of transparent observation window types and bo× items and inner semi-circular arcs for easy-to-clean corners and adjustable shelves

    The temperature had no value or harm to the culture of the disadvantages of electric heating in the form of external heat

    An internal tank lining made from stainless steel

  • It has ac/dc, level, LCD backlight display, fast weighing reaction time, and high stability

    The sensor employs a one-of-a-kind locking mechanism

    Counting function, percentage, automatic calibration, multiple calibration options, calibration weights
    With unit conversion, stability, memory function, animal weighing, full range gloss weight reduction, and so on

    With an RS232 interface for connecting to a printer or computer

  • It is built with air curtain isolation in mindBy discharging 100% of the airflow outside, negative pressure vertical laminar flow, no need to install pipes

    It prevents internal and external cross-contamination

    The glass door can be moved up and down, and it can be positioned in any direction

    It is simple to use and can be sterilized completely closed

    W0ith the prompting of the positioning height, limit alarm

  • It has humanized design, novel structure, and 5 fully transparent glass windshield surfaces

    With the piece, unit conversion, full-range peel, zero tracking, and other features such as multi-functionality, simple and dependable operation

    Includes an RS232C output interface that can be directly connected to a computer, printer, another device

    It employs a double CAM experiment with a fully automatic internal calibration function, which increases its stability and speed

    The Balance includes applications such as preheating, calibration, screen saver, and others

  • The device is made up of cold-rolled steel

    It is having with the most updated PID controller

    It has a larger observing window having a uniform distribution of air temperature

    An independent temperature-limit alarm system ensures that experiments are carried out safely

    LCD intelligent programmable temperature controller

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