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Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply TRBE-601

Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply TRBE-601

Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply TRBE-601

Product Details

Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply TRBE-601 is primarily made up of a power supply. Its output voltage range is 10 to 300V, and it has a programmed switch between constant voltage and constant current. The protein function is presented as automatic switching from spacer gel mode to separated gel mode, which eliminates the deadly manual reset. It is installed with a safety valve.

product specification

Time Set 1 min to 99 h 59 min
Output Voltage Range 10 to 300V
Output Current Voltage 1 to 400 mA; 75 W
Sensitive Limit Voltage 1 V
Sensitive Limit Current 1 mA
Display Mode 192×64 LCD
Weight 2.0 Kg
Dimension (L×W×H) 300×240×100 mm

Product feature

  • Output Automatic switch between consistent voltage and steady current

  • Protein function: Automatic changing from spacer gel mode to isolated gel mode, decreasing the monotonous manual reset

  • Safety Automatic screen of over-voltage, voltaic curve, no heap, the abrupt difference in burden, over-burden, and short out. Spillage insurance, the capacity of delay

  • LCD apparent voltage, current, time set. 4-bunch equal association with multi-electrophoresis mechanical assembly

Product application

Applies to submerged horizontal and mini vertical gel electrophoresis. It offers timer control and constant-voltage or constant-current output. Used to generate the electrical current that powers DNA/RNA separations, PAGE electrophoresis, and membrane transfer.

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