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Biological Air Sampler TRBS-602

Product Details

Biological Air Sampler TRBS-602is a high-performance sampler with a digital display and a portable, high-efficiency micro porous suction collector. The system is designed to maximize impact velocity while maintaining biological efficiency. It has an all-stainless steel case and an LCD that displays the sampling amount and time. It has a sampling volume ranging from 10 to 9999 L. It has a simple operation and consistently virtuous results.

product specification

Sampling Flow 100 L/ min
Sampling Mode Third gear design, sample size can be customized
Sample Volume 10 to 9999 L
Sampling Delay 1 to 60 seconds
Collection Methods Remote control or manually
Battery Lithium Battery 16.8V 8.8Ah can work 10 hours
Work Environment Temperature: 0 to 50 degree Celsius, humidity: 10 to 90%
Display Window LCD
Dish Size F90×15 mm
Weight 6kg

Product feature

  • Microbe sampler with the high reliability highly permeable sectional design

  • It employs an isokinetic sampling design, directly collecting head mouth wind speed while the wind withina sterile environment remained constant

  • It has an LCD that displays the sampling time and quantity

  • It is made entirely of stainless steel

  • The system is designed to maximize impact velocity while maintaining biological efficiency

  • It employs a computer control panel and low-noise pump sampling, making it simple to operate and stable in performance

  • It is having with theCalibration interval in every year

Product application

Mainly applied for bio-contamination assessment, and air quality control, and air quality monitoring in environmental and pollution research, pharmaceutical, food, and veterinary industries, biomedical and in the health environment.

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