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Micro-spectrophotometer TRMS-603

Product Details

Micro-spectrophotometer TRMS-603 is an innovative type of full-wavelength spectrophotometer for the detection of samples. The wavelength of the cuvette is 200nm to 850nm. Equipped with stainless steel and quartz fibre with Bluetooth and WIFI united in, allowing for remote control and printing of results. Built-in fibre to prevent fibre splitting as a response to external force collisions, which would cause irregular measurement results.

product specification

Wavelength scanning Range 190 to 850 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1 nm
Optical Path 1/0.5/0.05 mm automatic conversion
Optical Range 190 to 1100 nm
Sample Volume 0.3 to 2.0 μl
Wavelength Resolution 2 nm (FWHM Hg 546n m)
Cuvette wavelength Range 200 nm to 850 nm
Trial cuvette Specifications (light path) 1/2/5/10 mm
Cuvette minimum Volume 50 μl
Sample level Height 5 mm
Type Recyclable micro cuvette
Cuvette darkroom standard cuvette darkroom
Absorbance Accuracy 2 nm (FWHM Hg 546n m)
Absorbance Range 0.002 Abs
Nucleic acid Range 1% (0.76 absorbance at 350nm)
Protein Range 0.002 to 300 Abs (equivalent to 10mm optical path)
Detection Time 0.4 to 15000 ng/μl (ds-DNA)
Machine Size 0.01 to 400 mg/ml (BSA)
Weight less than 3s
Light Source 20×30×20 cm
Detector 3.5 kg

Product feature

  • There is no need to warm up checking can begin at any time

  • Built-in Win10 system, constructed 7-inch high-definition showcase, full touch operation

  • 32GB of storage space is pre-installed

  • Two USB ports can be connected to a variety of devices

  • The platform is constructed out of stainless steel and quartz fibre

  • Built-in fibre to prevent fibre breakage caused by external force collision, resulting in chaotic measurement results

  • Built-in Bluetooth and WIFI allow for remote operation and wireless printing of results

  • Users can save measuring device result data and design techniques straight in spreadsheet mode with a digital manual

Product application

Applicable for detecting nucleic acid, protein, colloidal, and proteomic samples, as well as conventional full-wavelength scanning, among other things.

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