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Portable Ozone Generator TROG-601

Product Details

Portable Ozone Generator TROG-601 is a convenient and portable device. It can work on different sterilization and purification treatments. It applies to using both air and water, with the working principle of the tube type-high voltage discharge gap. It can produce O3 at a rate of 3 g/h. and is equipped with stainless steel. It has good performance and long service life.

product specification

O3 range 3g/h
Application Both can use air and water
Power 220V/ 50HZ
Overall size 500 ×160× 220 mm
Packing Size 550×220×270 mm

Product feature

  • It is having with good performance and long life

  • It is equipped with a stainless steel chamber

  • This applies to the use of air and water due to the operating principle of tube-type high voltage discharge paths

  • It has a lightweight and portable device

  • It cangenerate O3 ranges

  • It is having with an ozone concentration

  • Intended with a high voltage ionization

  • It is both industry and household type

  • It is an automatic control time type device

  • It is having with a cool wind of Byo

Product application

It is widely used in food plants, pharmaceutical plants, fish farms, water treatment, and purification workshop

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