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Heated Incubator TRHI-701

Heated Incubator TRHI-701

Heated Incubator TRHI-701 Heated Incubator TRHI-701 is a temperature control device with a Microcomputer intelligent digital display. It includes a Liner for the stainless steel inner tank. Designed with easy-to-clean inner semi-circular arc corners and adjustable shelves. It has a room temperature range of +5 to 65°C and a period of 0 to 999min. It is suitable for electric heating with an external heat source.

Temperature Range Room temperature+5 to 65 ℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5 ℃
Timer 0 to 999 min
Working size 250×250×250 mm
Power 150 W
Voltage 110V 60Hz /220V 50 Hz
Dimension 370×380×540 mm
Weight 20 kg
  • This microcontroller intelligent digital display thermal management device comprises timing, setting, and measured temperatures

  • It also demonstrated precise and dependable temperature control

  • Outside the door, a quick glance at a variety of transparent observation window types and bo× items and inner semi-circular arcs for easy-to-clean corners and adjustable shelves

  • The temperature had no value or harm to the culture of the disadvantages of electric heating in the form of external heat

  • An internal tank lining made from stainless steel

Applicable for Cell and tissue culture, food analysis, stem cells, and microbiology and also units for health care, medicine, biology, agriculture, scientific research departments to store bacteria, biological training to carry out the necessary research facilities.

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