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Mini Vertical Electrophoresis cell TRMV-601

Mini Vertical Electrophoresis cell TRMV-601

Mini Vertical Electrophoresis cell TRMV-601 Mini Vertical Electrophoresis cell TRMV-601has a capacity of 1-2 pieces and it is used for pre-casting and hand-casting gel. There are no more than four pieces of gel available at any given time. It has a multifunctional gel scraper built-in. The superior comb does not slowly gel polymerization. The gel is separated from the air by a built-in kit. Ensures a high level of leak resistance. Supplied with an 8373mm gel size.

Quantity 1 to 2 piece(s)
Gel Dimension 83×73mm
Comb Specification 1.0mm: 10 and 15 wells
0.75mm: 10 and 15wells
1.5mm: 10 and 15 wells
Short glass Plate 100×73mm
Spacer glass plate 100×83mm
Dimension (L ×W×H) 180×130×160mm
Thickness 1.0mm: 10, 15 wells (standard), 0.75mm: 10 & 15 wells, 1.5mm: 10 & 15 wells (optional)
  • The filler strip is stable to the glass to avoid leakage of gel

  • A built-in kit separates the gel from the air

  • The gel-making kit safeguards accurate aligning

  • The distinctive comb prepares not to stop gel polymerization

  • Excellent leak proof ness

  • The thickness and well-marked comb are understandable

  • Equipped with a multi-functional gel scraper

Nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) and proteins are separated based on their size. Labs studying vaccines, medications, forensics, and DNA profiling, as well as other life science applications, use electrophoresis. Every single accessory is compatible with the Mini-protean Tetra Cell.

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