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NC Linear Shaker TRLS-601

NC Linear Shaker TRLS-601

NC Linear Shaker TRLS-601 NC Linear Shaker TRLS-601 has dual LCD screens for parameter setting and viewing. It can withstand a maximum load weight and operates in a timed and constantly functioning mode. The dual LCD screens separately display time and speed, with a speed range of 40 to 200 rpm and a time range of 1 minute to 19 hours 59 minutes.

Amplitude 20mm
Maximum Load 3kg
Speed Range 40 to 200rpm
Time setting range 0 to 19h 59min
Motor Type DC motor
Voltage 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40˚C
Humidity 0.8
Speed Display LCD
  • There is a maximum load-bearing weight of 7.5kg allowed

  • The period is from 1min 19 hrs. 59 min

  • The time and speed are displayed separately on dual LCD screens

  • There are numerous inserts and fittings available

  • Designed with a brushless DC motor requires no maintenance

These sophisticated instruments have a wide range of applications in microbiology, cell biology, virology, vaccinology, cancer biology, hematology, and immunology.It is ideal for extractions and other similar applications.

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