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Portable Sterilizer TRPS-601

Portable Sterilizer TRPS-601

Portable Sterilizer TRPS-601 Portable Sterilizer TRPS-601is a stainless steel device with an electric heating mode and a Dual scale numerical indication pressure gauge. It is having with a movable interior that is convenient for operation and with a capacity of 18 L and disinfecting Pressure of 0.14-0.165Mpa. It is having with the self-inflating type seal.

Capacity 18 L
Maximum Working Temperature 126 ℃
Disinfecting Pressure 0.14-0.165 MPa
Heating Mode Electric-heating
Power 2 KW
Voltage 110 V 60 Hz /220 V 50 Hz
Dimension 39×39×54 cm
Weight 14 kg
  • It is made of stainless steel

  • It has an overpressure auto-discharging system. 0.145 to 0.165MPa

  • The maximum working temperature is 126 ˚C

  • Numeric indication with a dual magnitude Seal that self-inflates

  • There are two modes: electric heating and electric/coal heating

  • The movable interior makes operation easier

Applicable to medical and health care, laboratory, scientific research, and food units, etc.

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