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Vacuum Drying Oven TRVO-701

Vacuum Drying Oven TRVO-701

Vacuum Drying Oven TRVO-701 Vacuum Drying Oven TRVO-701 is a versatile device specifically intended for drying thermo-sensitive or easily decomposed materials, as well as oxidative materials. Its microcomputer temperature controller ensures a precise and dependableRange of Temperature Control RT+10 to 200℃.The parameter range is displayed on an LCD panel. It has a vacuum of <133 Pa and is composed of stainless steel.

Range of Temperature Control RT+10 to 200℃
Vacuum Degree <133Pa
Temperature Fluctuation ±1%
 Tray 1
Electrical Date 220V,50HZ
InputPower 500W
Material of Working Chamber Stainless steel
Working Size 300×300×275 mm
Overall Dimension 610×510×490 mm
  • Specifically designed for decomposable, voidable, dry, and heat-sensitive substances

  • It can supply inert gas to the internal component

  • It has a constant temperature timing and rapid warming

  • Having an intellectual temperature correction system

  • It has a digital LCD backlit display

  • It has an overheating warning system

  • It can dry some goods with complex compositions in particular

  • The needing fora work chamber is a rectangle to achieve the maximum substantial

  • The temperature is precisely and consistently controlled by a microcomputer temperature controller

  • The bulletproof glass door leads to a clear observation of the particles within the working chamber

  • The room door's airtightness can be adjustable

  • The door has a silicon rubber door sealing loop

  • Storage, heating, experimentation, and drying will all take place in an oxygen-free environment

  • When comparewith the vacuum dry frame, the heat exchange time was reduced by much more than half

A vacuum oven is widely applicable for drying and sterilization in fields of biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine and health, agriculture and scientific research, and environment protection.

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