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Vertical Air Laminar Flow Cabinet TRVLC-601

Vertical Air Laminar Flow Cabinet TRVLC-601

Vertical Air Laminar Flow Cabinet TRVLC-601 Vertical Air Laminar Flow Cabinet TRVLC-601 is an airflow-closed bench, designed with a stainless steel working space and a sliding glass door. It is equipped with a UV lamp and a fluorescent lamp. The average wind speed ranges from 0.25 to 0.45 m/s. It has a single-single dimension and comes with a primary filter and a HEPA filter. Intended with a digital display, shows the liquid crystal interference. Its maximum power consumption is 400 W.

The Average Wind Speed 0.25 to 0.45m/s
Noise ≤62dB
Power Supply AC, 220 V/50Hz
Illumination ≥300LX
Half Ventilation Peak Value ≤ 3μm(XYZ direction)
Maximum Power Consumption 400W
Number Of Bacteria ≤0.5per utensil. Hour (90mm utensil)
Specification And Number Of Fluorescent Lamp Or UV Lamp Of Ultraviolet Lights 20w×1/ 20w×1
Dimension Of Working Area(W1×D1×H1) 700×600×700mm
Overall Dimension (W×D×H) 860×760×1760mm
Suited Number single-single
  • The vertical airflow and closed bench effectively prevent outside gas from entering

  • The ability to operate the area, as well as the distinctive smell from harming the human body

  • A wind volume adjustable fan system, a light-touch type switch, and a dual-speed voltage

  • A regulation device is used to maintain a suitable wind speed in the working area

  • it uses a super-thin aluminum-frame clapboard-free high-efficiency air filter

  •  Which shrinks the static-pressure tank to the smallest possible size, reducing the outer case's size

  • Filters and electric components can be easily exchanged by opening the front cover directly

  • An LED panel powers it with liquid crystal interference

  • The work surface is made of stainless steel

Clean bench widely used in electron, national defense, precise instrument and apparatus, pharmacy, chemical experiment and so on.

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