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Water Distiller TRWD-603

Water Distiller TRWD-603

Water Distiller TRWD-603 Water Distiller TRWD-603 is corrosion and aging resistant and has an intelligent automatic control. It is equipped with a stainless steel bowl with an electric heater. It condenses during the steaming process for the distilled water by electric heating. It has an output water level of 20 liters per hour.

Output 20L/hour
Power AC380V/13.5 KW
Package 350×495×790 mm
Weight 10 kg
  • It is corrosion-resistant and age resistant

  • Having a smart automatic control

  • Electric heating causes steam condensation into distilled water

  • It is outfitted with distillation generating equipment, which includes a condenser and other components

  • It consists of a stain-free steel electric double distiller

It is being used to purify through simple distillation, which also involves simmering impure water first and then collecting condensed water in a separate container. Distilled water is used in laboratories, organic chemistry labs, clinics, fermentations, and the medical industry, among other places.

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