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Water Steam Distiller TRWD-604

Water Steam Distiller TRWD-604

Water Steam Distiller TRWD-604 Water Steam Distiller TRWD-604 is a stainless steel water tower system that is corrosion resistant and resistant to aging. Distillation of generating equipment, condenser, evaporator, electric heating pipe, and control unit. It has an automatic, intelligent control system. It is equipped with a control panel and has a button-type mode. Designed with a water level window, which can clearly show the potresidual water level.

Output 5 L/ hour
Power AC220 V/ 4.5 KW
Package 540×270×490mm
Weight 9  Kg
  • It is a water tower mechanism made from steel

  • It is corrosion-resistant and age resistant

  • It has an automatic and intelligent control system

  • designed with a water level window that displays the residual water level

  • The heating component is made up of immersion heating tubes that are long-lasting

It is most helpful in hospitals, healthcare facilities, research institutes, and analytic laboratories This still is specially designed for these locations to produce pure distilled water as long as the quality of the raw water supping into the still meets the specifications of the city's drinking water.

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